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The TordasZoo dog school offers opportunities to learn and train in the sport of agility. This sport is an ideal way for pets and their owners to spend time together which strengthens the connection between pets and their owners while providing an opportunity to exercise for both of them.

The farm grounds are home to a 2500 m2 grass course with high quality obstacles available for use by anyone wishing to practice or to learn the sport. A stream beside the course offers an opportunity for dogs to cool down on hot summer days and a wooden clubhouse on the grounds offers shelter from the rain.

Obstacles: All of the obstacles used in the sport are available for use. Our contact zone obstacles (A-frames, see-saws, dog walks) are aluminium and made by Smart99 (many world championships use the same gear).

Grounds: 2500 m2 grass grounds containing a clubhouse, storage shed, and toilet all surrounded by a fence.

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