Training opportunities

Training for beginners

If you would like to try agility then please contact us and we will make arrangements to see you at our Thursday or Saturday training session.

Training opportunities for individuals from other agility schools

We can also accommodate people from other agility training clubs if they wish to use our facilities for training. Experienced individuals interested in training at our facilities are welcome to do so provided they pre-arrange an appointment. When discussing appointment times we can discuss constructing a course which meets your needs as well as ours.

Training opportunities for groups from other agility schools

If a team from another agility club would like to make use of our facilities, they should first arrange with us a time at which they would like to come and train. We will of course help our guests set up any equipment they need but we trust that they will be able to conduct the rest of the training on their own.

If you would like to take advantage of any of the services we offer then we may be contacted through the following methods:

Telephone number: +36 30/ 830 8813   E-mail:

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