What exactly do we mean by that? I believe something crucially different than many ohters.

By animal rescue we mean an „island” an „oasis” where animals that have been neglected, thrown out, hurt, tortured, bored of, abandoned…because people could no longer manage to keep them, they became a burden, because the circumstances changed, people moved, travelled etc. or animals that got lost can live in happiness, love and freedom… with us.

We keep all kinds of animals according to its own special needs until we find them the proper owner and place. The cows, pigs, sheep, poultry, guinea pigs, rabbits and skunks stay in the open during the day and in stalls during the night. Most of them have been brought to us, by people who got bored of them, most of them are „reminiscents” of Easter.

 The dogs we have „collected” from the streets run around freely all day and sleep in covered  kennels at night which all have a runway, dogs’ house with thick cushions and of course we have many dogs that stay indoors most of the time, who neither like cold nor hot weather and can only imagine their days spent with in stop caress. All cats and dogs who move in with us stay in a quarantine for three weeks. During this period they undergo total check-up, are freed from fleas,  are dewormed, are vaccinated, are spayed and get a microchip. After this they have to do some behavioral tests with professional trainers and are trained twice a week. all this is necessary for them to be healthy and be able to begin a new life using the maximum of their abilites. It is very important for us that the new owners and the dogs live happily together and for this we must find the right circumstances for each dog.

We take responsibility for every animal that passes our door-step, we follow their afterlife we want them to feel that they have family, people who care for them even when they are not living with us anymore.

What we would like to achieve:

We would like people to understand, it is not compulsory to keep animals, but once we decide to take any kind of living being as a partner in our lives we should never forget that we are responsible for them


Our spaces are limited partly due to the fact that we have this philosophy, according to which we would like to provide good quality life for the animals we rescue as well as due to our financial limits since up till now we finance everything from private sources.

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