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We often watch it with envy or at least approvingly as a dog comes along with its owner walking by his side. The dog is not dragging its owner behind him, what is more, it’s walking at his side with out a leash, stops and sits down when told so, and goes right back when the owner calls him. As opposed to this, our own pet, who is behaving all right in the house or in the garden, as soon as it gets out of its usual environment goes crazy, becomes almost unmanageable. He/she is running around, runs across the road, jumps onto people passing by, ignores us etc and we could go on and on about all its undesirable behaviour.

If you have recognized your own dog on the basis of the lines above or you would simply like to avoid your cute teddy bear like puppy to cause the same kind of problems later on, or you would like to train your already obedient dog further, you would like to take him/her to different obedience or skill exams or competitions we would like to offer you our dog training services at TordasZoo Animal Rescue Farm.

Basic obedience is an essential part of the everyday life with your dog. The basic orders such as ’sit’ ’stay’ ’back’ or walking on a leash and coming back is „compulsory” learning material for all dogs. This helps the dog determine its rank in the family and helps the owner stay in control in every situation and not only if the dog is in the right mood for it.

Our training school is a 2500 m2 completely fenced off, grassy area with a club house and toilets. Our expereinced professional trainer with 15 years of experience in dog training from basic obedience to the highest level of HPO III exam preparation is looking forward to meeting the two our four legged pupils. We provide the following services in small goups or individually:


             traininng according to individual needs and levels

             exam preparation: BH, HPO I, HPO II, HPO III

             revising knowledge


If required, we can provide boarding in our dog training school. We train dogs considering the breed specific characteristics however we believe that dogs of all ages, breeds, genders and colours can be trained.


In case of further questions or in case you would like to visit our training school be so kind as to make an appointment:

·         Tel.: 06-30/961 4645

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