Our Mission:

We are a group of uniquely dedicated people who are willing to go to extraordinary lengths for what we feel is an important and worthwhile cause. We want to ensure that animals are granted safe and healthy conditions in which to live. Our work and facilities at the TordasZoo are designed with our mission to protect animals in mind.

Why we feel our cause is worthwhile:

And for many other reasons which are self-evident to those who have a four-legged friend, and for those that do not yet understand, we hope that in reading the following pages they will gain a newfound understanding.

Our farm is one with a lot of animals, work and dreams (some which still wait to be fulfilled). All of this is possible thanks to dedicated and tireless support from, and the efforts of, close family, true friends, and a trustworthy workforce, all centered in the beautiful village of Gyúro, the island of peace.

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