Our Hungarian Dog Breeds

On our farm we feel it is very important to introduce people to our native dog breeds. Many of these animals have been rescued, given medical attention, and cared for continuously so that we can demonstrate to people the value of Hungarian breeds. After the dogs come to us they are neutered so that we can control the dog population on the farm. Our primary goal is to increase the popularity of local breeds rather then breeding them ourselves, as there are many capable people already dedicated to that task.

Ouzo and her “puppies”: Ouzo is a female kuvasz from the Alattyán-Cenk dog breeder who came here with her puppies; Bátor, Afonyá and Aszu who all guard the farm as a team. They are excellent examples of the kuvasz breed and have proven their excellence at many dog shows. They have obedience exams and they were also good at doing agility when they were still young and fit. Currently they are already veterans, but still very energetic dogs.

  Dráva: Dráva is a female white puli that came to us from Balatonfüred. Upon arrival, her front legs were broken and she was operated on in the Veszprém animal hospital. Thanks to a skilled doctor, she has recovered from her injuries and happily plays with the other dogs. Dráva is a perfect example of a puli as she is very lively, playful, and a fast learner.

Száva:Száva is a black female puli that came to us from Illatos út. She was a bit shy when she first arrived but has since become an enthusiastic guard dog of the farm. She likes to learn, especially when food is involved in the process, and loves when people spend time with her.

Maros and Körös: Maros and Körös were rescued from Sopron and placed in the care of the Szentendre Árvácska Animal Protection Foundation. Later, when the opportunity arose, we brought these dogs over to live on our farm and they have since adapted to life here. With their beautiful merle coats, they distinguish themselves from the other Hungarian breeds. They were very shy and scared of people when they first arrived (due to their unfortunate past) but now they have become friendly with the people who regularly frequent the farm and they love to sniff around.

Lencse: Lencse is a female black pumi/puli mix that was rescued by the Lelenc dog rescue foundation and afterwards she was put into our care. She came to us with an injured hip but has since recovered from the injury and is able to move around nicely. She is anmistrustful type of dog by nature but if she gets to know a person then she can be very friendly.

 Temes: Temes is a short haired male Hungarian viszla. He was found in a forest with a large open wound on his side which was successfully treated by a skilled veterinarian. We tried to locate his original owner but noone came forward so he eventually became a member of the farm. He is a very lively dog and a pleasure to spend time with.

Szamos: Szamos is a female Hungarian Transylvanian Bloodhound that came to us from Balatonfüred with an infection that needed to be operated upon. She is a very free spirited dog that is very hard to stop when she wants something. She roams freely around the farm and occasionally helps out the workers or she is resting from the rigors of work on top of a bale of straw.

Sajó: Sajó is a male Hungarian Greyhound. His owner gave him to us as a gift due to family problems and we are very happy to have him. He is a very energetic dog that loves to run around the large grounds of the farm and to play with the other dogs.

Bodrog and Szikszó: Bodrog and Szikszó are Komondors from Várpalota. They came to us together, one full grown and in very shabby condition, and the other was a small white puppy. Everyone believed that they were mother and daughter until it was determined that Bodrog was actually male. Since they came to the farm, Szikszó has grown to a full adult size and the two guard the farm together.

Ördi and Maffia: Ördi and Maffia are a pair of Kuvasz’s who came to us together since their owner could no longer support them. They are very good guard dogs and only let in people they know well.

Bundás: He is a male kuvasz who comes from the shelter of Paks.


Kraszna és Kapos: they are mudi male gentlemen. Sopron and Bőny ... they had these horrible places as previous stations.

Ikva: He is a pumi male acting like a clown. He was a street dog in Várpalota.

Extra: She is a vizsla female.


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