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If you need to leave your pet for a few days or weeks, you can depend on us to keep them safe and cared for. Our location, in a calm rural area 28 kilometres from Budapest, and our facilities, which meet the latest European standards, make the TordasZoo an ideal place to leave your pet.

Our basic services for pets include round the clock (24-hour) monitoring by experienced individuals. A veterinary clinic, with qualified staff, on the farm also stands ready if your pet should need any kind of medical care during its stay.

We, of course, offer personalized services so that your pets can stay in conditions that you feel are most suited to their needs. You have the option of keeping your dog(s) outdoors all day in large and safe fenced kennels with individual dog houses. Small dogs, short haired dogs, or dogs that are simply used to being kept indoors can be accommodated in an indoor space with regular walks provided for exercise.

Any unique needs your pet may have may be met by our staff. This includes special services within the kennel and transportation to and from our location to your home.

Our special services include: Professional Dog Training Pet Grooming We are also open to special requests, such as; preparing your pet for shows and special diet requests (in case your pet has food allergies).

Before we can provide any services, we require that the owner of the pet sign a contract and fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us know more about your pet so that we can more adequately meet its needs.

If you would like to take advantage of the services we offer or if you would like more information about our boarding services then please contact us.

Telephone number: 06-30/697-2612E-mail:

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