The TordasZoo Animal Farm and its picturesque surroundings are an ideal location for horseback riding. Our horse track is an excellent location for beginners to safely learn the basics of riding. Once they have mastered the basics, they may try out the trails with the assistance of an experienced guide.

Children may ride on either a pony or a full size horse depending on their age and experience.

We think it is important to realize that horseback riding consists of more than just an athlete riding a horse for an hour or so and then just leaving. We encourage those who ride to prepare the horse for riding by assisting them in doing so so that they may learn. This way, in addition to learning the sport, people also learn how to properly treat a horse.

The health of the horses we keep is given maximum attention and our horses’ only work up to a few hours a day. We ask that, if you would like to try this beautiful sport, you contact us using the information below to schedule an appointment:

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