Our Horses

At the moment we have the following horses on our farm, some of whom are spending their retirement years here.

Cifó: is a female furioso north star breed, born in 1992. Before he came to us he was a show jumper who achieved good results throughout his career. Due to his extremely calm temperment, he is an ideal partner for riders who are just starting the sport. He is available for lunging classes and trail riding.

Szöcske: is a yellow female kisbéri félvér born in 1996 spending her retired years on the farm since an illness prevents her from being active. Szöcske only moves as much as is necessary and spends her time quitely grazing on the farm.

Trinity: Szöcske’s foal born in 2001 on this farm, she is a yellow kisbéri félvér. Trinity is very tempermental and was born to be free. She is very curious and everything interests her, she likes to keep a close eye on everything.

Sámán: nóniusz gelding born in 1992. As with Szöcske, health problems cause him to be retired and spend his years here with us. True to his breed, he is a very independent animal who has his own ideas about life. He has taken part in many competitions and also in show jumping and distance riding.

Nunga: is a female polo pony that has taken part in many competitions around the world since her birth in 1987. She is in very good shape regardless of her age and we recommened her for trail riding with an experienced partner.

Shalina: argentine female polo pony born in 1985. After many races, she now enjoys her retired life here with us and of course the attention she gets from children and grown-ups alike.

Yaris: palomino hafling pony female born in 2000. Her kindness and unique colour make her an immediate favourite of the children. Her friendly and calm demanor make her ideal for children to ride.

Lauren: female shetland pony born in 2000. She is always up to no good together with the other ponies. She needs to know about everything and be everywhere. Her calm and friendly temperment makes her ideal for children that want to learn to ride.

Polo: male gelding shetland pony born in 2001. He is kind and friendly and because of this he can help children overcome their fear of horses.

Mango: Lauren and Polo’s foal born in 2004. She is a yellow shetland pony who is still being trained by us so that she may one day be able to take part in lessons with children.

Geronimo: Lauren and Polo’s foal born in 2005 who would like to get to know everything in the world around (him or her) and so (he or she) knocks everything over and tries to taste it. (He or she) is quite a handful and has a lot to learn.

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