Our Instruments for Diagnosing/Treating Animals

Ultrasound diagnostics:

For ultrasound diagnostics, our clinic uses the Esaote Ultraschallsystem MyLab30 Vet device. This device meets the most modern standards and allows us to perform precise and comprehensive diagnostics.
Different attachments allow us to view the internal organs of animals in enough detail to identify any worrisome discrepancies.

X-Ray Imaging

Necessary x-ray diagnostics are performed with a state of the art GIERTH X-RAY International GMBH portable x-ray machine and an Agfa digital x-ray developing machine. This combination of devices (and a laptop computer) allows us to, almost instantly; analyze high quality digital copies of the x-ray images that are made.

Microchip Implanting and Reading

Microchips serve as a method of identification for animals. The small (about the size of a grain of rice) identity chip that is implanted into animals is readable with the help of a reading device. Information contained on the chip can increase the chances that stray pets can be returned to their owners.
Our clinic implants and then registers microchips in the national database through the internet. We can also identify apparently ownerless pets through this database, if they have a microchip.

Ultrasonic Tooth Scaling

Our clinic uses a modern Mini-Piezon ultrasonic tooth scaling device for treatments which dogs require quite often.

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